How To Attract The Right Type of Candidates Without 
Wasting Your Time, Money, And Losing Your Sanity

  • Attract the right type of candidates without losing your marbles and definitely without talking to a recruitment agent.
  • Confront the three road blocks every Specialist Contractor faces and (don't just overcome them!) nail them in three steps.
  • ​Leave your competitors to wallow in the tsunami of unsuitable candidates, while you attract ONLY the right candidates.
  • ​Save your money and your time with less overhead costs, while your competitors haemorrhage costs on ineffective and costly recruitment.
  • How you can immediately get started attracting the right type of candidates and save your time, money, and your sanity.

If like most Specialist Contractors, attracting the right resources cost you time and money 
ploughing through countless CVs, only to find out candidates are way off what you need, and 
you would rather cut off your own limb than use a traditional recruitment agency...

Then...Manx International Project Services has the (limb-saving) solution for you!

INTRODUCING....Delete Permanent Recruitment by traditional recruitment consultants

Insert Permanent Recruitment for Construction Professionals by Construction Professionals

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